"You sit down in that seat for a production and that house curtain goes up. Hopefully we will wrap around you the wonderment of music, book, dance, voice… and at the end of that two-and-a-half or three hours - you will walk out of the theatre… your step is lighter, smile is broader and you have had a remarkably wonderful evening. And if we can do that on every performance, then we have done our job."

Tom Hughes was the legendary theatrical producer and managing director of Dallas Summer Musicals for thirty-three years. Under Tom’s leadership, Dallas Summer Musicals gained national and international acclaim as the finest in musical comedy theatre, bringing a host of stars to Dallas including Carol Burnett, Katharine Hepburn, Carol Channing, Angela Lansbury, Richard Burton, Lauren Bacall, Sandy Duncan, Tommy Tune, Gene Kelly, and many more.

A confirmed bachelor until his late 40s, Mr. Hughes met and married Anné Kouri in 1983. In MY LIFE WITH TOM HUGHES, the story of their romance, marriage, and his untimely death in 1994 is woven together for the first time with scores of theatrical photographs and correspondence. Together, they describe a man who always saw the best in others and was honored to contribute to the arts in the city he loved. Always the respectful gentleman, Tom left a legacy of creativity, excellence in the arts, and, most significantly, kindness and compassion.

"Tom Hughes is the grand seigneur of musical theatre in the country.
Not just in Dallas, and not just in Texas, but in the country.”

-Tommy Tune, actor, dancer, singer, producer, choreographer;
winner of ten Tony Awards and the National Medal of Arts